What Time of Day Should I Float in a Sensory Deprivation Tank?

Your Float experience will differ depending on when you float

Your Float experience will differ depending on when you float

When you Float May Make All the Difference

Being open from 7am to 11pm allows you to not only float at a time that’s convenient for your schedule, it also lets you experience different kinds of floats.



As someone who’s floated quite a lot and all over the clock, I can personally attest to the fact that the time of day you float can make a huge difference in your experience.


Early Floats


Floating early in the morning has several benefits.  One of the biggest things that I’ve noticed is that when you float first thing in the morning, you don’t have to “take the day off of you.”  You’ve already slept, and your brain spent the whole night processing and decompressing.  When I float early, I notice that my mind is a lot more clear.  This allows me to either focus on a specific subject, or to have a clear and blank mind altogether.


When you get out, you feel energized: ready to take on the day.  The benefits of your float are prevalent for everything that might come at you.



Mid-Day Floats


What I’ve noticed with floating in the late morning or early afternoon is that it pairs very well with exercise.  If I incorporate exercise into my routine, floating immediately after does wonders for my body.  Getting that rest in following a workout allows me to come out feeling refreshed.


Mid-day floats are also good for splitting up the day.  When I float in the middle of the day, it feels like there were two days: “before float” and “after float.”  It’s a good way to hit the reset button and either split up your obligations, or tackle your projects from a different perspective.



Late Floats


Floating at the end of the day is optimal for taking all your accumulated stress off.  It gives you the space to process and digest the day.


When you go home after a float and get into your bed, your body and mind are already relaxed.  I know I’m someone who usually tosses and turns at night, but anytime I have a float before going to bed I sleep like a rock.  The effects carry over into the next day too.  I always wake up completely refreshed like I’ve gotten a week's worth of sleep in one night.

If you ever wondered what the best time to float is, the answer depends on what you’re after!  Try changing around what time you float and see for yourself how it can make a big difference.